Integrated Planning and Execution of Construction Projects (PEMS)

Learn practical concepts and tools to track margins, avoid claims, and increase profits in your construction projects using PEMS.

Course Description

Construction projects most of the time have difficulties meeting the three successful criteria: delivered on time, with a final actual cost on or below budget, and in full compliance with the technical and regulatory requirements.


What’s more some of them go into claims and dispute resolution situations. In this course, you will learn an effective integrated project planning and execution methodology based on project results (deliverables and work packages).

Day 1 – Project Definition and Planning 

In the first day, participants will review current practices and compare the traditional planning versus an integrated planning technique to facilitate the scope definition and to better control the construction of projects, regardless of size, complexity or industry.

  1. Project Management Review

  2. Project Planning Phase

  3. Project Baseline, Execution and Control

  4. Tracking and Monitoring Progress

  5. Close-out

  6. Construction Case Study Project Simulation Using PEMS

Session Topics

Day 2 – Project Execution Phase

On the second day, participants will practice the integrated planning and execution technique, performing in a workshop, the simulation of the construction of a case study project using Inexertus’s cloud-based software application called PEMS (Planning and Execution Methodology Software).​

Who should attend?

This course is for project managers, construction managers, project sponsors, project engineers, project planners, cost estimators, project controls, and project people in general.

Get Professional Development Units (PDU's)

Upon completion of this 2-day training, you will get a total of 12 PDUs

  • 8 Technical

  • 2 Leadership

  • 2 Strategic

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