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Infrastructure Project Management with PEMS and Modern Technologies

In this Project Economy, learn how to deliver financial and social value to your stakeholders using modern technologies.​

Course Description

In this course you will learn new technological tools in the construction industry, project management during the project lifecycle, application of infrastructure project management with PEMS, and integrated portfolio management applying Business Intelligence.

Training Outcomes

After the training you will be able to implement the following in your projects:

  1. Introduction to Project Management and WBS​

  2. New Technologies and Methodologies in Construction ​

  3. Integrated Infrastructure Project Planning​

  4. Application of Integrated Planning with PEMS​

  5. Integrated Execution and Control of Infrastructure Projects​

  6. Application of Integrated Execution and Control with PEMS​

  7. Application and Use of Construction Technologies​

  8. Portfolio, Program and Project Management with Business Intelligence

Who should attend?

This course is for Entrepreneurs, Project Managers, Engineers, Graduates and Postgraduates related to the construction industry.

Get Professional Development Units (PDU's)

Upon completion of this training, you will get a total of 14 PDUs

  • 8 Ways of Working

  • 3 Power Skills

  • 3 Business Acumen



This training course is offered on demand.

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