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IPM-Professional (or IPM-Pro) stands for Integrated Project Management Professional. It is a user-friendly application that takes you by the hand to easily adopt Earned Value Management (EVM) methodology. This defines your scope of work and controls the execution of your projects more effectively.

Main Features:

Allows users to easily create project plans by providing templates for scope of work decomposition and cost estimates.
Takes you by the hand to create Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) based on deliverables and events.
Integrates scope, schedule, and cost estimates using Earned Value-based techniques with the completion of deliverables and events.
Includes information-rich diagrams and tables, featuring: work plan diagrams, integrated project performance curves, and status & close-out reports
Employs Earned Schedule -- a concept to obtain a better forecast of the project completion date.
Provides more objectivity and accuracy by clearly estimating plans, tracking progress, and forecasting project results.

Examples of IPM-Professional

Project Management Details
Work Breakdown Structure
Control Account Components
Work Plan
Planned Value Curve
Performance Curves
Project Status